Spiritual poems and ponderings


The desert father spent weeks meditating on a single phrase from the Bible.

Like, Jesus wept.  The shortest verse in the Bible.  Jesus wept.  I started thinking about it.

Jesus wept.

Not like, his eyes watered.

Or a solitary tear ran down his cheek.  Not even cried.


That’s like sobs spewing out of heaving chest

Spilling clumsily into the cold light

Juddering shoulders rocking whole body

Tears mingling with snot as they race down his face

Too many, too much to wipe away

Weeping isn’t pretty

Just pretty awkward

Weeping wells out of the deep places

Where God and man meet

In love and compassion

Their heart tearing to know the refusal of the loved ones to open their eyes

And see that heaven has touched earth

The kingdom has come

In the form of a man

A man containing the fullness of the Creator

And He is weeping

And He knows the pain of a broken heart

The ripping apart of unrequited love

The rawness of rejection

He knows the taste of salt

And the racking throb of sorrow


And, this sorrows me

And, this comforts me

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