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Tiny Dancer

Tiny dancer:

I didn’t make you to be just a still life figurine on top of a birthday cake

I didn’t even make you to be one of those pop up ballerinas inside a jewellery box

That spins around when the lid is opened


I made you to be free

I made you to be free

I made you to be free!


Jump down off the cake

Climb out of the box

And hop and skip and leap and jump and twist and turn and sway and jive

Allow every part of you to move

From your head to your fingers to your toes.

I give you permission to look a fool

To experiment

To go wild


There is plenty of space for you

If only you’d see it

Don’t hide yourself away

Don’t linger at the back of the room

Enter into the fray, dancing all the way

And see how your moves change the atmosphere

Setting others free too


Tiny dancer don’t be afraid

For I’ll be right there dancing with you

I’ll be the best partner you could ever find

For I know your mind

And the way you like to move

And the things you love to do

Oh, I know you


And you make me smile ridiculously


Tiny dancer come dance with me

For I made you to be free

I made you to be free

I made you to be free!


Katrina Quinn


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