Spiritual poems and ponderings


His eye is on the sparrow

does that mean that no sparrows will fall?

I don’t think so

winter whispers violently through crisping leaves

branches break

black hunters threaten

times to hide

times to take cover



His eye is on the sparrow, little one

and your song is in his ears

He sends the morning sun to caress your feathered head

and grows shining berries for your delight.

Like the keenest of birdwatchers

He can tell you apart from your sisters and brothers

recognises your call without hesitation


His eye is upon you, little one

His eyes

He watches you

watches over you

His hands are safer than the trees

He won’t trap you

or stop you from flying

He will help you be strong

so don’t let the winter

silence your song


Cornwall 2013, written for a friends’ daughter when she was diagnosed with cancer

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