Spiritual poems and ponderings


You scooped me up – out of the drowning grey
and now I
I scoop you up – glistening palm pools of liquid life
I splash you over my face to clear my eyes
let you drip down cheeks and chase away tears
I gulp you down
So thirsty so thirsty
rivulets trickle down my neck
I feel you
refreshing weary shoulders
washing away yesterday’s regret

And inside,
pour down gullet eagerly waiting for your touch
reach my deepest parts
waiting for so long
so long
they’d forgotten what it was like
to have life coursing through
resuscitating the dry bones

Slowly the hidden parts begin to stir
seeds planted long ago slowly crack open
and newness creeps forth from ancient roots
a story written before remembering
finding a window to escape from
catch a breeze
and be heard whispering through branches
dancing onto the fresh leaves appearing
willing them to grow
and bear fruit

by Katrina Quinn, Portugal, January 2014

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