Spiritual poems and ponderings


‘The whole earth is filled with His glory’…


that slice of golden sunlight which overtook the purple wedge of cloud
casting a warm glow
across hill tops
and tips
of leaves


the dew drops clutching lacy spider webs
bejewelled strands lavishly draping
straight lined hedgerows


that greet the morning
with a song


could we be
splinters of your laughter
small fragments of your glory
scattered over the earth?


you threw back your head in delight at what you had created
clapped your hands with joy
and, as a million more stars shot into the heavens like sparks from an anvil
we were filled with your life, your breath


we move to the rhythm of the swaying grass
the pounding waves
the rise and set of sun
for in all things there is heard the echoes of your heartbeat
and we dance, we dance


could the seas be
great pools of your tears?
tears of love so deep we’ll never reach the bottom
this love, it overwhelms us
it draws us
beckons us with its ceaseless lapping upon the shores
stretches off to distant horizons
and we paddle, wade, dive, play, float in it


Katrina Quinn, 2010

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