Spiritual poems and ponderings


Head, heart, body
Seeking unity
Sometimes stumbling and strained
Sometimes searching searching
There is
An anchor deep
A compass
That tells me when I am home

I know it in my bones
My bones know who shaped them
My heart doesn’t question its reason for beating
My body knows
My body knows
Rests, daily
Longs to move
Is hungry, frequently

Feet standing sure and ready
They know their purpose
They move forward and do not doubt

My eyes drink in beauty
Are drawn to the light
See the detail and depth

Fingers search out
A pen, a paintbrush, needle and thread, a mouse, a camera, a microphone, a guitar
To tell stories, to capture and create
A meal to cook, a home to shape, a face to caress, another hand to hold

Notice texture, temperature, thread
Bring order, comfort, love

Let truth flow from hands to heart to mind to lips
Fine tune my voice to reach the crowded places
The ears that are waiting
Clear a space
Clear a path to walk in
Clear a path for the truth waves
To reach
And impact
And nothing will be the same

Let us be vessels
Cutting new paths through stormy seas
For lost boats to follow
Lost boats to find harbour
Let us be light and warmth
Let our bodies speak peace, whisper joy
Dissolving the heavy clouds
Guiding people home


Katrina Quinnm, Feb 2015, Cornwall. Used recently in a Movement in Worship Banners Workshop in Mumbai, remembering that we are banners – our bodies proclaim spiritual truths…

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